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Manakeep 728x90
About PINO New English
We are a Japanese based WvW guild on JQ looking to recruit Japanese players as well as international players who are willing to learn and follow simple Japanese and English commands.
We enjoy fights more than getting worked up about and pulling overtime for PPT, but we also work with the server to hold or siege objectives if the fights are good.

Jade Quarry

<Action Time>
●Core Time
21:00-24:00(JST/GMT+9) [3:00am-6:00am(PDT)]
●Raid Days
 Saturday  22:00-24:00(JST)
 Wednesday 22:00-24:00(JST)
  ※JST = UTC+9
 Please represent PINO during the our raid if you log in GW2.
●Guild Mission
 Saturday 21:00-(JST)
  ※JST = UTC+9
●Language:mainly Japanese.English,Tiwanese

●Tool:TeamSpeak3 and Raid Call

Contact Uri.5961

①Represent during our Raid as much as possible.
※If you are conspicuously absent from our raid despite your log in GW2 during the raid, we will guild kick.
②Be sure to Join RaidCall during our Raid !(mic is NOT required)
③Set our reccomended build during our raid.
④We want you to prepare 2 main professions.
Create the account for our HP forum
and check once in a week.